Maintenance for Safety

Web DevelopmentYou can help keep your vehicle safe to drive by maintaining your vehicle properly. You can start by following your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and getting your vehicle serviced anytime you are having problems with it.
Also regularly check your:

  • Lights. Make sure your headlights, taillights, signals and interior lights all work and are clean.

  • Windshield. Keep it clean inside and out for visibility. Change your wipers as needed. Check your wiper fluid anytime you gas up your car.

  • Mirrors. Before you start your car, make sure the mirrors are clean and properly adjusted to minimize blind spots so that you will be able to see traffic all around you.

  • Tires. Check your tire pressure once a month, anytime a tire seems low, and whenever your tire-pressure monitor warns you. Check the pressure with a tire gauge. Also, visually inspect the tires, and remove any foreign objects and debris. Irregular wear may mean it’s time for rotation or realignment. Keep your tires filled to the PSI recommended in your owner’s manual. Note that the pressure stated on the tire itself is the maximum tire pressure recommended, not the desired operating tire pressure for your specific vehicle.

  • Brakes. If your car pulls to the left or right, makes noises when you brake, or your brake warning light is on, get your brakes checked. Get a thorough braking system inspection at least once a year.

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