What to Check: The After-Repair Inspection

Network AdministrationBefore you take your newly repaired vehicle home, check to confirm that:

  • The gaps between the body panels are consistent
  • The distance from tire to fender is the same on each side
  • The doors, hood and deck lid open and close smoothly
  • The headlights and brake lights work and are aligned
  • All electronic accessories work
  • Freshly painted areas match color in a variety of lighting situations
  • No warning lamps are illuminated on the dash

When you pull your vehicle out of the shop, test drive it and:

  • Listen for any unusual noises
  • Test the handling
  • Check that the car is aligned properly and the steering wheel drives straight
  • Make sure the brakes work properly

If anything is amiss, return the vehicle to the repair facility immediately and inform them of the issues you are experiencing.

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