Today’s Complex Vehicles

Web DevelopmentVehicles today are more complex than ever, and this trend figures to only increase in future years because:

  • Vehicles are now highly computerized and electronic machines with thousands of components and tens of thousands of parts.

  • More than 200 new vehicles and redesigns are planned for the next three years alone.

  • New fuel-efficiency standards are spurring manufacturers to bring new lightweight designs to market.

  • An increase in safety innovations will further increase vehicle complexity.

In this environment, the recommended procedures used to repair your vehicle can change significantly even from one model year to the next. Formal, ongoing training is needed to keep pace with these changes. And specialization has become more widespread as it has become more difficult for individuals to maintain expertise across every facet of the collision repair process.
The Gold Class® logo lets you know a collision repair business has current collision repair training and expert knowledge in all the key collision repair roles — something that has become more and more critical to complete, safe and quality collision repairs in this age of growing vehicle complexity.
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