What to Expect: A Typical Gold Class Repair

Web DevelopmentWhen your collision-damaged vehicle enters a Gold Class shop, highly trained professionals work toward the goal of its complete, safe and quality repair. Today’s vehicles are so complex, they require specialized knowledge in the various facets of your collision repair. While each repair is unique, a typical major repair requiring structural work flows like this.

First, an Estimator analyzes the damage to your vehicle and the repairs needed to restore your car’s function and appearance. This might include blueprinting, a systematic approach used to thoroughly analyze all the damage caused by the collision and get the most accurate estimate possible.

Your vehicle then goes to a Non-Structural Technician, who often performs repairs to it before and after the Steel Structural Technician does his or her work. A properly trained technician can repair sheet metal and plastic so that it can be difficult to find any indication of damage.

The Steel Structural Technician checks specific points of your vehicle structure against manufacturer specifications using a three-dimensional measuring system. The damaged parts are then repaired or replaced as appropriate.

After repairs are complete, the vehicle goes to a Refinish Technician for painting. The areas to be painted are sanded and primed before painting. The Refinish Technician uses a paint mixing system, a trained eye, and paint-blending techniques to match your car’s color precisely. Corrosion-protection materials are also applied to protect your vehicle.

Once painting is complete, the vehicle is reassembled. Any new glass that is needed is usually installed at this point. Depending on collision circumstances, the wheel alignment may be checked to ensure that the steering and suspension is aligned to factory specifications after the repairs.

Finally, your vehicle will be taken to the detailing area for a thorough cleaning. Any minor imperfections in the new paint surface are polished and buffed out. A final inspection is conducted before your final paperwork is prepared.

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